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Saad Al-Abdullah friend slayer sentenced to death

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti man was sentenced to death for killing his friend and fellow tribesmen. The victim, Sultan Al-Rashdan, was on duty at Saad Al-Abdullah’s Ministry of Emergency and Water’s emergency department when the suspect shot him dead in the incident that happened last year. According to case papers, the suspect, 28, prepared a shotgun and drove to the victim’s office, where he fired one fatal shot from a one-meter distance. Investigations indicated that the man killed his friend over suspicions that he had been having an affair with his divorcee.

The suspect pled guilty to the accusations and re-enacted the crime. Accordingly, and having found the defendant fully sane and responsible for his actions, the court sentenced him to death and a temporary compensation of KD 5001. Speaking to the press, the victim’s family lawyer Sultan Al-Mandeel expressed full trust that the Kuwaiti judiciary would do justice to all parties, especially with the presence of enough substantial evidence and eyewitnesses at the crime scene when the shooting took place.

Gov’t debts
For the first time in Kuwait’s history, The finance ministry tends to establish a new unit within its organizational structure to run governmental debts. The new unit will be responsible for coordinating government debts and determining how to finance the state budget deficits.

Inspection teams at the Saudi ministry of commerce and industry recently closed down a factory manufacturing isolation pipes in Riyadh for forging its products’ origin, using the labels of ‘Made In Kuwait’ instead of ‘Made In KSA’. The factory’s license was also found to be expired.

By A Saleh

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