Royal, husband involved in dispute

KUWAIT: Three citizens insulted a ruling family member and her Saudi husband and damaged her car following a dispute over a parking spot in front of a restaurant in Funaitees. A complaint was lodged at Adan police station. The three citizens who escaped were later arrested and are being interrogated.

Ingrate son
A citizen in Qasr told police that her son beat her, and lodged a complaint. Police attempted to call the suspect several times but he did not respond. The case was sent to detectives to search for the suspect and arrest him for questioning.

Man abducts children
A Jordanian man abducted his children from his ex-wife, so she called Nugra police to make him return the children. The woman told police the father took the children during a visitation and did not return them. When she called him, he hung up on her. The woman has custody of the children. Detectives arrested the man after he attempted to escape.

KD 600 stolen
A 27-year-old citizen told police that KD 600 was stolen from her bank account. She said she received a call from a local number, and the man on the phone told her she had won KD 20,000 and asked for her account number and PIN code. The victim obliged, only to receive a message that KD 600 was withdrawn from her account.

Search for maid
Waha police placed the name of an Asian maid on the wanted list after her sponsor accused her of stealing items worth KD 8,000. Forensics experts went to the house to collected evidence. Investigations are ongoing. – Translated by Kuwait Times from the Arabic press

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