Yousuf Awadh Al-Azmi
By Yousuf Awadh Al-Azmi

Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny. - Kin Hubbard

country has its own characteristics, features and milestones - Kuwait is rich with agricultural characteristics, features and milestones, and the state pays great interest to productive agricultural areas in Wafra, Abdaly and Sulaibiya. The financial support derived from the government's general budget forms a significant part of the general financial value. Kuwait, of course, is not categorized as an agricultural state, rather a desert one, but with the advent of modern technologies, it became possible to overcome many obstacles in order to achieve the legitimate ambition of suitable and realistic food security.

As I mentioned, there are three agricultural areas in Kuwait, and they cover an area of tens of kilometers, but regretfully they are not used in the best way, as many farms became mere leisure areas and warehouses of no real benefit to the state. It is important to start looking for suitable and fruitful solutions for ambitious results, and this requires a team that plans with poise and realism to sort, organize and arrange farming benefits, and for this I propose reorganizing, sorting and arranging farms scientifically with consideration of quality of soil and water.

Dividing farms according to a thoughtful layout as follows: Animal feed farms, chicken and egg farms, cattle farms (for dairies), leafy vegetable farms, palm tree farms according to certain specifications that produce the best types of dates.

Also work on benefitting from farming production in the food industry of all types, and here I focus on dairy derivatives, chilled and frozen poultry, industries related to dates and canned food. So, it is important to establish an infrastructure to be a launchpad for food industries of all types, and this will not happen without government backing, through which it provides all what practitioners of these industries need. Here comes the role of financing with equipment, financing based on suitable bases and without prejudice to general rules regulating these matters.

The agriculture sector suffers the most from marketing, and this can be resolved by establishing a shareholding company to market farming products in a way that serves the three sides of the formula - farmer + consumer + state. All solutions of agricultural management are available - it only needs the government's real belief in the role of this important sector, from which the best solutions can be presented away from useless talk that is void of any effective actions in supporting, supervising and organizing.

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