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Residential areas littered with trash

KUWAIT: For many days, Kuwait residents have noticed huge amount of trash around the trash bins. People have been calling the hotline of Kuwait Municipality to complain about the bad smell coming from the trash across Kuwait residential areas. The areas include; Salwa, Salmiya, Khaitan, Mahboula, and Hawally.

Along the street in Salwa (Block 4), there is a huge trash which has been there for over two weeks. When Kuwait Times called Hawally governorate’s hotline, the staff said that they will inform the department in Salwa. He provided a phone number for Salwa department – but nobody answered the call.

Bad attitude is also to be blamed. Some people started throwing organic trash including food wastes on top of the old furniture around the trash bins. This made the situation even worse, thus resulting in air pollution. Salah from the Municipality hotline explained yesterday that the call center has received several calls because of the pollution in those areas.
“People are calling us complaining of the trash in the streets. But I assured them that the problem will end within days. Municipality’s cleaners are responsible for the trash inside the bins, while the pick-up vehicles collect the huge ones – next to the bins (especially the huge pieces of furniture or other big stuff),” he told the Kuwait Times.
“The issue is that the Municipality has a contract with a company which is in charge of operating the vehicles that remove the ‘big-size’ waste. This contract had ended and we are now transferring to the new company, and this process will finish within two or three days,” added Salah. He urged people to be patient and to avoid throwing organic waste randomly in the street.

By Nawara Fattahova

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