Residency detectives raid nursery school

KUWAIT: Residency detectives raided a nursery and arrested 18 persons in violation of residency laws, 10 of whom were article 22 iqama holders, four article 20, two without IDs and two article 28 iqama holders. The nursery itself was operating without an education license. Legal action is being taken, and the nursery will be placed on the banned sponsorship list.


3.5 million illicit tablets seized
The customs department, in cooperation and coordination with customs detectives and the northern ports directorate, confiscated 3.5 million illicit tablets hidden in an excavator bucket upon its arrival from an Arab country. The Arab suspect was also arrested. This is the second case in the same border post in less than a week, and the total number of tablets confiscated in both busts total nearly seven million.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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