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Attorney Fajer Ahmed

There has been a lot of debate in the last week on the amounts received by Kuwaiti employees in the private sector from the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program, and whether it should be paid from the date of joining or from the day the paperwork is completed and accepted. The governmental requirements in Kuwait are not as simple as they could be, and therefore the process of registering both a Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti employee may be tiring at times for both the employer and the employee. This week’s article is focused on the government process or documents needed for Kuwaiti employees to register. I have simplified the process as much as possible, as follows:

1) What are the documents and procedures required for registering with PIFSS?

The PFISS is the public social security institute in Kuwait and it is important for all Kuwaitis and GCC citizens to be registered for social security. The registration process depends on whether you are an employee or an employer.
If you are an employee, you require the following documents:
1. Copy of your nationality certificate.
2. Copy of your birth certificate or certificate of age assessment.
3. Copy of the decision of appointment at government agencies.
4. Copy of your civil ID.
After providing the required documents, fill out the requested form and wait until the certificate is authorized. You can find the applicable forms on their website.

2) After obtaining my PFISS certificate, what other governmental processes would I have to undergo?

After obtaining the PIFSS certificate, you should ask your employer to register you at the ministry of labor and social affairs in order for you to have a work permit. The employer may be asked to provide or submit several documents, mentioned below:
1. Certificate of education.
2. Copy of the civil ID of the employer or the authorized signatory.
3. Copy of the employment contract signed by the employer and the worker.
4. Copy of the worker’s passport and the original passport.

3) What are the procedures and documents required at MGRP?

At the MGRP, you would need to apply personally by providing the following documents:
1. Certificate from the company.
2. Copy of company license.
3. Copy of civil ID.
4. Certificate of education.
5. Work permit
6. Salary transfer certificate from the bank.

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By Attorney Fajer Ahmed

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