KUWAIT: In continuation with Red Bull’s habit of staging offbeat sports events, Red Bull Reign invites Kuwait’s top basketball players to compete in the ultimate 3-on-3 battle, testing teams’ endurance, skills, teamwork, and ability to own their court while trying to accumulate the most points possible to outlast their opponents.

Besides other qualifiers happening in 14 other countries this year, the local qualifiers will take place this month, on February 15th and 16th in Marina Crescent Basketball Courts and concluding with the finals at the same location on February 17th, in partnership with Acqua Eva, GoPro and Marina World. Unlike most 3-on-3 tournaments, Red Bull Reign will push teams to their utter physical and mental limits. The rules of the high endurance, offense-driven tournament are simple: the teams that score the overall points in each round will advance and continue to compete in the final. The game will be played on a court with one basket. Each team shall consist of three players and one substitute, with no coach on the playground.

The game officials will consist of one or two referees and time/score keepers. Both teams shall warm-up simultaneously prior to the game and a coin flip shall determine which team gets the first possession. Every shot inside the arc will be awarded one point while every shot behind the arc will count for two points. Accordingly, every successful free throw will be awarded one point. The regular playing time during the first round will be eight minutes and 10 during the second round, at which the game will be stopped in the last minute. The clock will be also stop during dead ball situations and free throws and only restarted after the exchange of the ball is completed.

However, the first team to score 21 points or more wins the game even if it happens before the end of the time. The Red Bull Reign final champions will earn the chance to compete in the 3◊3 World Final this held in Washington, USA in September 2017. Each qualifier will host 24 teams, players 16 and above can submit an application for their team of four players to compete during the qualifying competitions in Kuwait. The qualifiers will be held on two consecutive days at Marina Crescent Basketball courts on 15 and 16 February. For more information, visit: www.redbull.com/reignkw