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Red Bull Hattrick arrives in Kuwait for the first time

KUWAIT: The 3v3 FIFA tournament, Red Bull Hattrick, debuted in Kuwait on August 8, 2023 and now all eyes are on the national final, set to take place on Thursday, August 17, at 5pm at Al Assima Mall. The event kicked off with 16 teams competing against each other in qualifiers that took place over the span of two days, on August 8 and 9, in House of X. Now, the remaining top 8 teams of 3 players are gearing up for the national final and the team that comes out victorious will qualify to compete at the world finals, happening in Egypt later this year.

Red Bull Hattrick is FIFA for the pros, where matches are played on PlayStation 5 and FIFA 2023. The tournament is played in teams and singles, not multi. The premise of the game is that it is a best-of-3 winning condition: each player from every respective team plays against the player from a different team, for a total of 3 matches per game and 6 halftimes.

Each team only has one wild card, to switch one of his players for only 1 halftime. The teams playing against each other are chosen randomly on the day of the event. After the first round of games, the top 4 players will make it to the semi-final. The last stage will be the final game between 2 teams. Qualification from one stage to the other is based on the sum of the scores of the 3 players in the team.

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