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Recommendation to stop apartment building construction in Khaitan

KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality asked the Municipal Council not to allocate any additional investment residential areas in Khaitan within the urban area, and direct all investments to new cities and residential areas. Investment areas refer to lands where apartment buildings are allowed to be built. Commenting on this topic, Municipality Director General Ahmad Al-Manfouhi said: “It is necessary to keep block five of Khaitan as it is (private residence), because it has low housing density, and the area is well organized.”

Khairan project
The Public Authority for Housing Welfare signed an agreement with the company executing the designs of Khairan residential project to cancel the signed contracts without any significant costs for both sides. This action was taken as the authority board agreed the designs were inappropriate, although the company completed the designs on time. The company received KD 3 million for its work although the housing authority did not benefit from it.

Electricity production
Ministry of Electricity and Water said it is keeping up with the population increase by establishing several power generating projects. Subbiya station director Mohyee-el-Dein Najem said the current production of electricity is nearly 5,440 megawatts. “Subbiya is one of the major stations the ministry is keen to develop continually through the most modern means of power production worldwide,” he said.

Fake degrees
A committee formed to study fake certificates at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, said the committee submitted its final report to Education Minister Bader Al-Essa, Chairman Tariq Al-Duwaisan said. The number of teachers mentioned in the report is less than 611, he added.

Bank deposits
The Ministry Social Affairs and Labor (MSAL) said there are no plans to tap cooperatives’ bank deposits to pay their suppliers. The ministry said it will resort to preventive policies with rapid intervention, and attempt to deal with problems through measures that improve the co-ops’ financial status without resorting to the deposits. Meanwhile, MSAL will announce the opening of declaring candidacies at six co-ops to select four members to replace those whose membership has expired.

Health Ministry Undersecretary Dr Khalid Al-Sahlawi said the ministry is keen on following all international developments and reports issued by international reference centers against infections in hospitals and health centers. He said the ministry will implement the policies, measures and infection control protocols at health centers through epidemic monitoring of infection cases related to healthcare and accurate diagnosis of their causes, in addition to the ministry’s keenness on applying sterilization and environmental cleaning procedures inside health facilities by using effective disinfectants.

50 percent
First Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah said the Foreign Ministry has reduced the construction projects’ “Chapter 4” budget by nearly 50 percent. He said, in an answer to a query from MP Rakan Al-Nisf, that the ministry issued instructions to officials and diplomatic missions to follow what is mentioned in the Cabinet’s decisions. About the financial value of the budget that is to be reduced for the year (2016 / 2017), it was estimated according to the actual needs of the ministry and representative missions abroad, though which the fourth chapter budget was reduced by nearly 50 percent. As for the Kuwait Economic Development Fund, he said the fund has been self-dependent on its resources since 1987 to cover its expenses and fulfill its developmental goals. He said the fund’s capital was paid from net annual profits, and does not rely on the state that paid KD 970 million.

By A Saleh

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