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Dear politician,

We are learning that those who inspire us are those who leave an imprint of love. I am not blaming you for all the world's problems. This would be cowardice on my part. We are all a part of this sacred journey, and any suffering is part of our collective unconsciousness. These following questions are addressed to you because you are an influential person on the planet. And, since you are such a grand projection of humanity, I am asking you some questions to get a better idea of your intentions (with full knowledge that we all shoulder the blame).

1. Will you be the one to help us restore our faith in every politician on this planet?

2. Will you be the one who stops creating wars and terrorism to sell arms?

3. Will you be the one who bans chemicals in foods and makes healthy food available to all at lower prices?

4. Will you be the one who spends money on curing diseases rather than funding pharmaceutical companies and profiting from our illnesses?

5. Will you be the one who stops brainwashing and lying to us while plotting to take over the world behind the scenes?

6. Will you be the one who brings peace to nations instead of sowing the seeds of turmoil?

7. Will you be the one who erases borders from our vast expanse, so that even the word refugee or immigrant will be removed from the dictionary?

8. Will you be the one who finds a solution to famine?

9. Will you be the one who teaches us that no race is superior to another?

10. Will you be the one who helps elevate the status of women and bring an end to patriarchy?

11. Will you be the one who inspires us to work together to end discrimination against those we erroneously perceive as minorities?

12. Will you be the one who will stop using fear as a tactic to keep us enslaved?

13. Will you be the one who protects the weak, the powerless?

14. Will you be the one to create a true democracy where the people make decisions that benefit the whole world and not the elite few?

15. Will you be the one who takes care of our environment, our land, our bodies of water, our sky, our forests, our mountains?

16. Will you be the one to provide protection to animals from slaughter, testing and abuse?

17. Will you be the one to reform the education system so as to raise a generation of leaders and not followers?

18. Will you be the one to put an end to drug and sex trafficking and child prostitution?

Will you? Will you? I could go on and on, but will stop here because it is very emotional to continue thinking of how power is synonymous with greed and benefits only dynasties. I know millions of people who would love to be in your shoes so that they could help the world. So tell me: How will you choose to act? Or, more importantly, where are you? Who will you be?

On a final note, I'll say this. There ain't nothing grander than being a beacon of light! Polarization, expansionism, corruption and turmoil are so yesteryear.

By Nejoud Al-Yagout

[email protected]