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Qatari, Jordanian among 5 executed in kingdom

KUWAIT: Dr Hussa Al-Shaheen, Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) Board and Executive Committee member, emphasized the effectiveness of the partnership strategy adopted by the awareness campaign in selecting accurate information through a team of specialized doctors. She appreciated the collaboration of various entities to reach the targeted audience within the “We Are With You” awareness campaign for youth and children cancers, inaugurated at Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center.

Dr Mariam Abdulmohsen Al-Otaibi, in charge of the “We Are With You” campaign, highlighted that 20 percent of diagnosed cancer cases annually are in individuals under 40 years of age, approximately 540 cases each year. She stressed the importance of launching the campaign to raise awareness among youth about risk factors, such as smoking, that increase the chances of developing cancer.

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Dr Otaibi explained that the campaign aims to break down the fear barrier preventing youth from consulting doctors when experiencing unusual symptoms, as the fear of a cancer diagnosis delays treatment and hinders early detection, impacting the rate of recovery.

Dr Maha Burisli, a member of the “I Want to Learn” society, noted that 10-16 children out of every 100,000 are diagnosed with cancer. She highlighted the various treatment methods available in Kuwait for childhood cancer, including chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, immunodrugs, targeted treatment, bone marrow transplant and other modern approaches. The recovery rates for this disease range from 85 to 90 percent, with efforts aimed at achieving a 100 percent recovery rate.

Meanwhile, the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL), in coordination with Sarah Khalaf, participated in an exhibition held alongside the campaign launch. The exhibition featured works by professional artists symbolizing the love of life, providing psychological support for cancer patients and empowering them in their fight against the disease.

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