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Prostate diseases common in Kuwait: Lead Urologist

Dr Mohammad Al-Ghanem

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Head of the urology unit at Jaber Armed Forces Hospital Dr Mohammad Al-Ghanem recommended that men over 50 should carry out tests to check for prostate enlargement in order to avoid complications, adding that prostate diseases are common in Kuwait. He said prostate diseases in men are divided into two types – the first concerns men aged 20 to 40 who suffer from infections, while the second is more prevalent among those over 50, in the form of prostate enlargement.

Ghanem said complications of prostate enlargement may cause discomfort while urinating or intermittent urination more frequent than usual. Sufferers may have great difficulty in emptying their bladder. Some patients may suffer renal failure due to the inability to urinate. As for treatment, he said it could be preventive, medicinal or surgical, as determined by the treating doctor and the severity of the condition.

Ghanem said patients with minimal symptoms are advised not to drink too much water before sleeping, in addition to regular visits to the doctor. If the symptoms are of average severity, patients are given medications that help relax the bladder muscle to ease the flow of urine, or medication to reduce the size of the prostate. In cases of the prostate’s lack of response, or if the patient has stones in the bladder accompanied by repeated infections, surgery will be recommended.

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