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Proposal to limit treatment only to Kuwaitis in Govt hospitals

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Health Ministry said it will be difficult to implement a parliamentary proposal to limit treatment only to Kuwaitis in government hospitals immediately. Sources said Health committee at the National Assembly agreed with a proposal to limit treatment in government hospitals to Kuwaitis and Gulf nationals in order to improve services for patients. The proposal said that the number of Kuwaitis is small compared to expats and this means the expats will benefit more from the medical services at the expense of Kuwaitis.
KFSD Deputy Director General for Fire Fighting Sector Major Gen Jamal Al-Bulaihees met with leaders of the fighting sector to check on the readiness of fire centers and the equipment. He urged them to be always ready for any emergency.

Bird hunting
Environment Public Authority issued four citations to individuals who hunted quail birds in Suqaihiya area, North-West of Kuwait. The offenders were arrested by weapons detectives and taken to environment police department. EPA said 16 birds were hunted of which eight were alive. The birds were released.

Strategic food reserve
Head of Cooperatives Union Mishal Al-Sayyar said the strategic food reserve is enough for the next six months which is in addition to the food items for consumption that goes for circulation at Coops. He said that the union holds meeting related to the emergency plan and strategic food reserves with the cooperative sector at the Social Affairs and Commerce ministries, adding that some Coops do not have warehouses and they seek the help of other Coops for storage.
Mock exercise
Medical emergencies department held a mock exercise at the women’s clinic of Al-Saqer specialized medical center in Adailiya, with the fire and civil defense participating. The exercise dealt with a terrorist explosion in a secondary school, evacuation of all female students, treat and move one casualty.

Student beating

Mubarak Al-Kabeer Education Zone is conducting an investigation into a complaint against a Kuwaiti teacher who allegedly beat up a student born in 2007. The teacher reportedly used a stick, his hands, legs in assaulting the student and then he dragged the student. His father accused other students of beating the student along with the teacher. His father took him to a police station and lodged a complaint and accused the school administration of negligence. Police investigations are also underway.

Harassment case
Hawally police detained a customer who sent harassing messages to a female employee of a company. The man went to the office and completed his transaction, but kept nagging the employee with love messages and went overboard in some of them. – Al-Rai

By Meshal Al-Enezi, Hanan Al-Saadoun

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