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Program helped detect 4,466 benign tumors

By A Saleh

KUWAIT: Head of the Ministry of Health’s national program for early detection of colon cancer Dr Fahad Al-Ibrahim said that the program helped detect 4,466 cases with benign tumors, which were successfully removed. Ibrahim added that Jahra Governorate came first in terms of the number of cases diagnosed with benign tumors, followed by the Capital Governorate.

“Advanced cases with cancer represented only one percent of the cases examined by the early detection team and they were all treated,” Ibrahim explained, pointing out that the program is considered the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Strategic payroll
Official government sources said that the government would re-propose the strategic payroll alternative bill which it had previously submitted to the parliament but withdrew for amendments suggested by lawmakers.

The sources added that the government believes that the bill should be adapted to handle the problem of payrolls consuming over half of the state’s budget, which is already suffering from huge deficit.

The sources also noted that the bill would be submitted to parliament soon so that it can be discussed by the parliamentary human resources or financial committee.

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