Issa Al-Bloushi

KUWAIT: Education Minister Hamed Al-Azmi announced yesterday the formation of an investigative committee consisting of three bodies from outside the education ministry to probe the death of student Issa Al-Bloushi. The minister was commenting on MPs' statements during a session of the National Assembly yesterday regarding the incident, with one lawmaker charging that Bloushi died after he was beaten by an expatriate female teacher at Amr Ibn Al-Aas School in Rawda.

"The investigation committee formed today consists of representatives from the health ministry, the fatwa and legislation department and another body," Azmi said. The ministry will take all required legal measures regarding this incident, he said, adding the teacher has been barred from working until the investigation is completed. Azmi affirmed students' safety is at the top of the ministry's priorities, offering his deepest condolences to the deceased's family, adding that all necessary legal measures would be taken.

According to news reports, the child was hit several times in the chest and was not allowed to leave the classroom to call his parents. After sobbing profusely for several hours, Bloushi's mother took him to hospital, where he died later that day. - Agencies