A 22-year-old citizen was arrested at Amiri Hospital for impersonating a medical doctor or intern. He holds a certificate from the commercial studies institute and was never certified or qualified as a medical doctor, except in his dreams. He “worked” there for five months without being suspected by any of the staff, until a doctor raised doubts about him after noticing that the fake doctor did not know how to do stitches.

This made the Arab doctor ask the suspect to show his ID, but the latter said his ID was in his car and escaped. He was later arrested. During interrogation, the suspect said he had always dreamed of becoming a doctor, so he introduced himself as an intern.

If you pray, then pray not to get sick in Kuwait, because God knows who and whom you will end up with if you survive from wrong diagnoses, medical mistakes in operation theaters and fake doctors. This is not the first time a fake doctor has been caught in Kuwait’s hospitals. Every day we read and hear about horrible stories of patients who die in hospitals. And now this report about the young Kuwaiti man who spent five months at Amiri Hospital just because he told everyone that he was from the ruling family. So everyone stopped asking questions and let him manipulate people’s lives.

Another point here is why anyone from the medical staff didn’t chat with him about where he graduated, his schooling, etc. Nothing! I believe that the Arab doctor who busted him must be thanked for his courage. His bravery saved new souls from death and mistakes. I don’t blame anyone seeking to travel abroad when they are sick, because of the lack of trust.

According to some media reports, medical sources revealed that the suspect took part in some surgeries and examined patients as well though the government later denied this. Such reports and incidents have become common in Kuwait’s hospitals in recent years, and although lawmakers and media are complaining about poor health services, nothing has been done yet. I guess that means ‘well, people, your health is not important’.

The poor health services at public hospitals has been forcing citizens to seek the services of private clinics and hospitals, some of whom have been taking advantage of citizens’ need for medical treatment, especially those who are not covered by insurance. Reports about deteriorating health services are endless, painful and shameful, but it will always be ink on paper because so far no one seems to listen or care.

So, pray people...pray not to get sick.

By Muna Al-Fuzai

[email protected]