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Power to be connected to West Abdullah Al-Mubarak homes

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) is scheduled to start the first phase of connecting power to plots in West Abdullah Al-Mubarak by the end of this month, with the second phase in Feb 2020 and the third in June 2020. In this regard, informed sources said Minister of State for Housing Affairs Jenan Bushehri is considering issuing a decision to put on hold the deduction of Kuwait Credit Bank installments from citizens residing in West Abdullah Al-Mubarak until power is connected to their houses and drainage systems are operational in the area.

Notably, a number of the area’s residents had urged Bushehri to continue paying their rent allowances and postpone deducting the Credit Bank loan installments until power is connected to their houses. Meanwhile, the Public Authority for Housing Welfare stressed that the first phase of Mutlaa city (12,177 units) will be ready in December, while the second phase comprising of 16,111 plots will be completed by April 2020.

By A Saleh

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