Attorney Fajer Ahmad
By Fajer Ahmed

Power of Attorney is a document that legally authorizes a person to act on behalf of another person, with their permission. For example, a brother can sell his sister's car, a father can obtain a passport on behalf of his daughter or your lawyer can file a case for you, with a POA. In Kuwait, a POA is obtained from the Ministry of Justice through a very easy and simple process. It is also recognized by governmental institutions, the judiciary powers, as well as other corporations. Power of attorneys are widely referred to as POAs.

Question: What are the different types of POAs and where are they usually obtained from?

Fajer: There are so many different types, but here are a few main ones:

  1. From a client to a lawyer

  2. From a person to another person to take care of governmental paperwork or to make transactions on their behalf

  3. From a company to a person to act on behalf of the company in certain situations.

  4. From a shareholder of a company to a person to act on behalf of the shareholder making decisions with other shareholders for the company.

These can be obtained from offices managed by the Ministry of Justice, from locations across Kuwait. You can also provide a POA for bank transactions which is obtained from your bank itself.

Question: Are POAs only for lawyers?

Fajer: No, it can be to anyone, except for what we call a lawyer's attorney, which needs to be given to a lawyer

Question: How can I cancel a POA?

Fajer: From the same places that provide them, you can take a copy of the POA or the original and request that it be canceled and void

Question: Any advice for someone obtaining a POA?

Fajer: Always make sure of the following:

  1. To give the POA to someone who is trustworthy and whom you personally trust

  2. Make it as specific as possible

  3. A lot of governmental transactions will request that you verify the transaction on the governmental apps such as Sahil and Hawati

  4. Cancel it once the person has completed the transaction you have requested of them

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