KUWAIT: A citizen in his 70s was sent to the state security when he insulted a traffic policeman with takfeeri (accusation of apostasy) words. He also insulted certain government departments. Police received a call about a person distributing leaflets in Mubarak Al-Kabeer, so a patrol was sent there. Policemen found the elderly man distributing the leaflets, who was accusing anyone who refused to take the leaflet of being an infidel. The title of the leaflets he was distributing was 'Searching for Eternal Happiness.' The man was found to have a long record of harming the state's reputation abroad, possession of unlicensed weapons and military training. He is being interrogated.

'Forbidden acts'

Electronic crimes detectives are looking for a woman whose immoral audio clips went viral on social media. She claimed a man named Abu Radhi incited her to commit forbidden acts after paying her KD 15. - Translated from the Arabic press