Policeman arrested for running over a Filipina and escaping

KUWAIT: Hawally detectives arrested a policeman for running over a Filipina and escaping. The accident took place in Salmiya. Passersby informed police, who rushed to the area along with paramedics. The woman was taken to hospital with fractures and critical injuries. The suspect denied being involved at first, but detectives were not convinced with his statement, so they intensified pressure on him until he admitted his crime.

Drunkard arrested
Hawally police arrested a drunk man who terrified customers in a pharmacy. The well-built suspect asked the pharmacist to allow him to wait for a man there, but his behavior indicated he was not in a normal condition. The Kuwaiti man then became violent, telling customers to leave the pharmacy “because there is no use of medicines”. Police discovered that the man was heavily drunk. He was arrested and sent to concerned authorities.


Policemen controlled five Egyptians who were fighting in the nurseries area over previous disputes. They used sticks and stones during the fight. Policemen found the five are related, and were taken to Andalus police station.

Ahmadi detectives are looking for unidentified persons for mugging a Sri Lankan man and stealing KD 250. A security source said the suspect was wearing a military uniform, according to the victim.

Fugitive nabbed
A citizen was arrested at a checkpoint in Ahmadi after being found wanted to serve a one-year jail sentence and a KD 400 debt to a communications company. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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