Police officer injured

crime-scene-picKUWAIT: A police officer sustained several fractures and bruises when someone refused to stop at a checkpoint outside a husseiniya in Jabriya, said security sources, noting that after being asked to pull over at a checkpoint, the suspect drove off, knocking the officer down. The officer was rushed to Mubarak Hospital for treatment and a search is on for the suspect.

In another development a traffic policeman filed a complaint against a citizen who insulted him on being ticketed for a traffic violation. The policeman provided the citizen’s vehicle license plate number and said that he sped away after insulting him. A case was filed and the citizen is being summoned for further investigations.

Kuwaitis arrested
Two citizens with criminal records were arrested in Khaitan for multiple robberies and assaults, mainly against expats, said security sources.

Gambling in parking space
Three Asians were arrested while gambling in a public parking space, said security sources, noting that a police patrol noticed the suspects playing, and that they tried to flee the scene when the patrol approached them.

Maid tried to flee
An Asian housemaid broke her leg in an attempt to flee her sponsor’s house in Fintas, said security sources, noting that while trying to climb down from the second floor, the maid fell and broke her leg.

Ranch guard attacked
A citizen reported that his ranch guard told him that four robbers attacked him, stole his mobile phone and seven sheep, said security sources. – Al-Rai

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