Police arrests 4,000 in Jleeb crackdown, releases 3,000 later

KUWAIT: Over four thousand people were arrested during a crackdown on lawbreakers in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh yesterday, but around 3,000 were later released, the Ministry of Interior announced. Out of 4,015 people detained during the campaign, only 1,053 were sent for deportation while the remaining 2,962 were released after their papers were inspected, the ministry’s Relations and Security Media Department said in a statement. Policemen raided targeted places in order to gain total control over all outlets of the area and keep suspects from escaping, the statement reads. Undersecretary Lieutenant General Suleiman Al-Fahad led the ‘wide scale security campaign,’ and was accompanied by Assistant Undersecretary for General Security Major General Abdelfattah Al-Ali, and Assistant Undersecretary for Central Operations Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh.

A Bangladeshi man jumped to his death from the second floor inside a local bank’s branch, said security sources. The case was filed as a suicide. The exact motives behind the incident were not immediately known. Investigations are ongoing.

Infant found
Investigations are underway to identify a child who was left inside a box that was found near camel pens in the desert yesterday. The boy was taken to a nearby medical facility. Police are working on identifying the infants’ parents in order to arrest and question them.

Fisherman drowns
An Asian fisherman drowned when he went under the waters to repair a boat but never came out. A rescue team went in search for the victim and were able to find his body and hour later. The body was taken by Criminal Evidence Investigation Department personnel to the coroner. An investigation was opened in the case.

No injuries in fire
Firefighters from three fire stations tackled a blaze reported at a construction material store. Firefighters from the Shuhada, Shuwaikh and Mishref fire stations first isolated the warehouse where the fire was reported before tackling the flames. No injuries were reported.

Drug possession
Two persons were arrested at a checkpoint in Mangaf while being in an inebriated state, according to the police report. The two, Kuwaitis, were arrested with possession of 28 suspected illicit tablets. They were sent to concerned authorities.

Students safe
A vehicle turned turtle in front of a girl’s school in Jahra, but no injuries were reported.

Municipality statistics
A statistical report prepared by Kuwait Municipality’s Public Relations Department revealed that the Violations Removal Department collected KD 3,215 in fines and equipment moving fees during January 2016. The report further indicates that the number of violating signs reached 157, while 31 warnings were issued and 36 signs were removed. The number of cleanliness violations reached 13, while 59 warning stickers were placed on abandoned cars, the report says.

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