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Plan to build first local plastic recycling plant

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Society for Environmental Protection plans to build the first plastic recycling plant in Kuwait. The society’s Secretary General Abdul Ameer Al-Jazzaf said that the society was open to all suggestions and national voluntary projects designed to protect the environment. “The Omneya project is mainly concerned with collecting used plastic water bottles,” he explained, adding that the project was part of the ‘Green Schools’ program organized by the society this year. Sana Al-Ghemlas, who launched the Omneya project, said that the project started with an initiative by Farah Shaaban, Saud Al-Fauzan and herself with the aim of recycling all used plastic water bottles and  all types of recyclable plastics.

Moon close to planets
Manager of the space and astronomy department at the Scientific Club Bader Al-Omaira said that the moon would be seen close to Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn starting from Oct 8 for four subsequent days.

Branch request
Kuwait Credit Bank has urged the Municipality to allocate a temporary mobile location for it in Sabah Al-Ahmad City in order to help facilitate transactions for engineers working there on construction, expansion and repair sites. The bank also requested that the branch be located close to the transmission tower because all its transactions mainly depended on the Internet.

New wedding hall
The Municipality has agreed to allocate a new location to build a 1,500-sq-m wedding hall in Qairawan with a 2,400-sq-m parking area around it.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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