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Physiotherapy event helps families

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: The Women’s Physiotherapy Department organized an awareness day to help families understand their role in treating patients who need rehabilitation. The day coincides with Kuwait’s celebration of its national days.

Director of Physiotherapy Hospital Dr Salah Al-Shayji said the psychological factor is very important, followed by the family that must support the patient. He said the patient’s self-confidence speeds up the process of his recovery, adding that the hospital’s achievements are many, including receiving of the safety star at the prosthetics center, and another star at the outpatient clinics.

He said there will be a plan to have a day service for men which will take place by bringing the treatment teams together and examining the patient by the three teams: treatment at work, physiotherapy and swallowing and speaking. Head of the Women’s Physiotherapy Department Dr Nafisa Kamal said the in-hospital neurology department has weekly activities, and each week patients interact with specialists during the activity.

She said the family guidance team was selected this week to remove the feeling of fear by the patient’s family and to educate them on how to deal with their patient without fear and that they can refer to the specialist when they need help. Physiotherapy specialist at the hospital’s inpatient clinic Dr Jamila Al-Rashidi said this awareness day is an annual event the department organizes to inform the family about its role and effectiveness in the treatment of the patient.

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