Partygoers assault police in Reqqa

KUWAIT: Policemen received a call about reckless driving in Reqqa near a multipurpose hall, where a wedding party was going on. Ahmadi police rushed to the area, blocked the suspects and asked them to pull to the side of the road, but policemen were surprised by tens of people coming out of the hall, hindering police work, and attacking two of them. Backup patrols were called in to deal with the situation, and rounds were fired in the air to disperse the crowd who attacked the policemen. Four suspects were arrested, while many escaped.

Drug possession
Southern roads security arrested a drug user on Nuwaiseeb road with various types of drugs including 14 heroin joints, 26 hashish pieces as well as an envelope containing what is suspected to be drugs. He was sent to the Drugs Control General Department.

Domestic violence
Two citizens accused their brother of beating their mother and sisters in their Salmiya home, while the accused claimed that his family wants to take his money. The case was sent to investigations.

A company’s warehouse in Salhiya was broken into and its contents stolen. The company’s lawyer filed a complaint, and detectives are working on the case.

Attempted rape
A citizen complained against a man she knows, claiming he attempted to rape her in a public parking lot in Salhiya. A security source said the woman, in her twenties, said she was with a man, a citizen, and when they parked the car, he attempted to rape her. When she screamed for help, he let her out of the car and drove off. Detectives are looking for him. – Al-Rai

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