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Palm trees most fruitful in Kuwait

KUWAIT: Palm trees in the Arabian Peninsula are not only famous for their historical and religious value but also for their unique ability to grow in harsh environments. In Kuwait, palms represent nearly all of the trees producing fruit, specifically dates.

The Kuwaiti people often plant palm trees in their gardens, including the Khlas, Samaran and Berhi trees for each kind produces dates that are considered lush and tasty.

Palm trees in Kuwait are estimated to be around 89 percent of the fruitful trees in the country, with 16 fruit-bearing trees found in every one square kilometer of the total territory of the country, according to Kuna reports.

The moderate warm and hot weather in most of the Arab region is the most appropriate environment for palm trees making the Arab world the first in growing palm trees in the world.

All photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

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