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Owner of car used in mosque attack denies belonging to IS

KUWAIT: Jarrah Nimr, the owner of the car used in the Imam Al-Sadeq mosque attack, said he does not belong to the Islamic State (IS) and made an oath on this. “I do not belong to any party – Daesh, Salaf or Brotherhood. I am a Muslim, that is all, as Allah called me,” he said. “Daesh has the ideology of the Khawarij and has spread corruption on earth. They strayed away from Muslims and their rulers, and brought misery to Muslims, and they distorted the name of religion. I am innocent from them and their ideology, and I do not support the criminal acts that are taking place around the world,” Nimr said.

He said as for the Al-Sadeq attack, he said: “I swear to Almighty Allah that I have nothing to do with it. I do not consider Shiites infidels and I mentioned this earlier”. “What snared me in the issue is the car which Abdelrahman Sabah borrowed from me to prepare for his wedding, as his car was not working, and his request to borrow my car was normal for the wedding, which was to be after Eid. He did not tell me he wanted to commit something with it, and I do not have any knowledge of the operation. I gave him the car a while before the incident,” Nimr mentioned.

“I have two cars – one in my name, which I gave to Abdelrahman, and the second in the name of my colleague, a Shiite from the Al-Qallaf family, so if had something like this in mind, would I give Abdelrahman the car that is registered in my name?” he asked. “I prayed on Friday (the day of the attack) in the mosque next to our house, then I went to my workplace at Fahd Al-Ahmad Co-op. I returned for iftar at home, performed taraweeh, then returned back to work, and did not go back home until midnight. I then had sahoor, prayed Fajr and slept. Special forces then turned up near our house, so I put on my dishdasha and went out for them. This is all what happened with me,” he said. – Al-Rai

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