KUWAIT:The Ministry of Health (MoH) subjected 1.2 million people to AIDS tests in 2018, assistant undersecretary for general health and the head of the national committee for fighting AIDS Dr Majeda Al-Qattan said. Qattan added that AIDS awareness campaigns are on all year long and that the tests are done in absolute secrecy with more focus on the most vulnerable categories such as teenagers, drug addicts and others. Qattan urged AIDS-vulnerable individuals to make use of the voluntary tests and free advice round the clock at the infectious diseases hospital.

Grading exams
Ministry of Education (MoE) Undersecretary Saud Al-Harbi yesterday authorized various schools to decide on the time of grading the final exams due to start tomorrow for grades 5-11 and choose whether to do so before or after iftar. Speaking at a meeting with educational zone directors, Harbi urged school directors to check all air conditioners and water coolers to provide the most suitable atmosphere for students.

By A Saleh and Meshaal Al-Enezi