KUWAIT: Authorities cancelled 9,296 work permits of expats in one month, of which 5,000 expired due to their presence outside the country without renewal, Al-Qabas Arabic daily reported yesterday. Statistics issued by the Public Authority for Manpower revealed these work permits were canceled during the period from January 12 until February 7, adding that 183 expats cancelled their work permits and transferred to family visas, including those who fall under the decision of banning renewal of work permits of those over 60 who do not have a university degree.

Meanwhile, the authority cancelled 1,322 work permits of Kuwaitis for leaving the job or being terminated, while 4,330 permits were automatically renewed. The authority allowed five persons to transfer from the government to the private sector, while 362 received work permits through the health protocols committee of the Cabinet and will be brought to Kuwait according to current measures.

Permits will be issued to them within two months after entering the country. The authority approved 10,152 academic certificates of expats uploaded online, while 25 persons transferred from the private to the government sector.