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My daughter-in-law took her child out for a walk, but once they were a few meters out, he stopped her, telling her that we should return to the building yard because there is corona out on the street! The child must have been told something about this virus and that we should not go out to avoid the illness. For a child of this age to keep in mind such an idea about this danger prompts us to be very careful when dealing with our children, no matter their age.

It is true that it is the nature of children to be more active as they are full of energy, but the current circumstances impose certain measures, most obviously being home indoors for long hours, so we have to deal with our true treasures - our children - in a way to keep them happy and comfortable as much as possible.

The role of the guardian is enjoyable, but it is not easy, as we always have to polish the unlimited love by learning to raise the educational level in order to practice our role perfectly with the most precious of what we own. The world health situation has imposed an open break for children that altered their daily routine, causing most of them to get bored and even angry.

In order to face any negative effects or behavior while directing them towards the positive side, we must adopt some strategies that are simple. We must inform the child about the current situation and explain the logic and necessity of the health quarantine, while being cautious not to exaggerate matters to avoid scaring them.

Their precautionary health practices such as washing hands and using sanitizers should be turned into an achievement that they should be rewarded for. It is very important not to express any feelings of fear or disappointment in front of the child. Children need love at all times and should be listened to, and we should be pleasant while dealing with them. This in turn strengthens their psychological immunity and keeps memories almost forever.

The tricky part at this point is for us to be keen to reduce and rationalize the role of video games in our children’s lives. School age children used to follow a certain daily routine, so we need to set some rules to be followed at all times, and this routine should be organized. A simple enjoyable daily routine will have a major positive effect. It will not hurt to give children some free time to let go of their active energy; also, let them show their creativity and innovation in drawing, for example.

It can be helpful to prepare a weekly plan for achievements the child decides to make, leaving the child to prepare a list of achievements he wishes to complete in a week to reduce boredom. These can be reading stories, certain sports skills and so on. The child should be encouraged to decorate and color his scheduled plan and place it in his room. The child will be happy and excited when he refers to the schedule in the evening and mark the achievement of his daily mission.

Having said that, there should not be a problem in breaking the routine sometimes! Please be extremely patient and take good care of your children and do your best to keep them happy and comfortable with discipline.

Final word: “The most precious jewels you’ll have around your neck are the arms of your children.” — Anon