Ooredoo and Gait promise outstanding Apple experience

KUWAIT: Ooredoo Telecom, the first to introduce innovative digital services in Kuwait, partnered with Gait Apple Premium Reseller, to expand Ooredoo’s portfolio to include MacBook, iMac and their accessories in their electronic store point of sale to the customers to give them the facility to enjoy using Apple products with their 5G services.

Gait outstands itself through its Apple-trained experts who are enabled to increase customer experience and take it to the next level by offering them knowledgeable advice and support. Indeed, Gait offers customers the opportunity to learn and experience Apple products and solutions.

The agreement between Ooredoo Kuwait and Gait promises exceptional Apple experience, unrivaled solutions and products offered in one place, and an authentic 5G connectivity. Hence, the products which will be taken from Gait will be limited to Apple laptops and computers with their accessories only such as; iMac, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro and more.

Tapan Tripathi – Chief Marketing Officer at Ooredoo Kuwait commented on this partnership saying; “Focused on customer-centric technologies and services, we are gearing up through our partnership with Gait to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy the next level of Apple experience with the latest products and solutions advised by Apple-trained consultants at Gait”.

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