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‘Oman as a role model’

KUWAIT: MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan called for taking Oman as a role model for coexistence and national unity without any discrimination between fellow citizens belonging to various religions or doctrines. “This was achieved thanks to the government’s true and sincere will to carry out anti-discrimination programs and design special educational curriculums, media programs and religious seminars that call for dialogue with the ultimate goal of achieving national unity,” he explained, urging the minister of education to visit Oman to replicate its experience here in Kuwait.

Colon cancer tests
The head of the Health Ministry’s national program for colon cancer Dr Fahad Al-Ibrahim announced that over 50,000 citizens had visited specialized polyclinics to undergo early colon cancer tests. He added that many of the tested citizens developed positive symptoms and that their tumors were removed using colonoscopy before they turned into malignant ones. “This comes within CAN’s efforts,” he underlined, pointing out the significance of early detection that helps in achieving up to 100 percent healing.

Al-Razi patients up
Al-Razi Hospital Manager Dr Mona Abdul Samad stressed that according to biannual statistics, patients seen at the hospital during the months from January till June 2015 have remarkably increased. She explained that the OPD received 10,498 citizens and 12,612 non-Kuwaitis, while specialized clinics and departments received 8,581 citizens and 9,307 non-Kuwaitis.

Female citizen acquitted
The Criminal Court acquitted a female citizen accused of fraud and swindling another citizen of KD 39,000. The defendant’s lawyer argued that his client did not deceive her partner and explained that what happened was that the plaintiff changed his mind one hour after he handed her the money.

Law number 25/2012 violators
Minister of Commerce and Industry Yousef Al-Ali cancelled the commercial licenses of some companies for violating law number 25/2012.

By A Saleh

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