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Officer issues 60 domestic labor visas under his name

KUWAIT: An informed security source said that several employees and officers in the service centers department are under investigation for involvement in issuing domestic help visas in numbers that exceed what is allowed for several citizens. The source said that among those being investigated is an officer who issued nearly 60 visas in his name in one year. – Al-Qabas

Labor safety
KUWAIT: An official source at the Manpower Public Authority (MPA) said the authority gave strict instructions to search establishments, companies, locations and labor residences to revive law 6/2010 concerning occupational safety. The source said strict measures are being taken over violations regardless of their nature in all that contradicts the providing of occupational safety for workers as well as suitable residences, and there will not be any complacency in dealing with those violations. MPA urged employers to comply with the rules to avoid having their files closed permanently. – Al-Anbaa

Social security
KUWAIT: The total amounts invested by the Public Institution For Social Security by the end of the fiscal year 2014/2015 reached KD 27.8 billion, including KD 10.7 billion as deposits. According to a recent report by the Audit Bureau, social security continued to maintain huge deposits while the authority’s strategy allows investing a maximum of 10 percent instead of the current deposits that add up to 38.5 of the investments. – Al-Qabas

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