Nomo Bank launches multicurrency account with six currencies

KUWAIT: Nomo Bank, the Digital Bank of the Bank of London and the Middle East “BLME”, a subsidiary of Boubyan Bank Group, announced the launch of its new multicurrency account which allows customers to perform banking transactions in 6 different currencies and to link them all to one card in a major step towards employing the digital bank’s services in providing easier, more convenient, and secure digital payment solutions.

Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri

Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri, BLME’s Board Member, stated: “This step complements Nomo Bank’s strong strategy that aspires for enhancing and improving its core digital business in order to ensure offering the best banking experience to individual customers through the best digital solutions that suit customers’ lifestyle and provide them with a unique experience.”

“Despite the relatively short span of Nomo in the market, its recent launch of many products and services puts it on par with top financial institutions. At Nomo, we try to offer a banking experience that provides customers with many benefits while leveraging the latest digital innovations to become the preferred digital banking solution in the United Kingdom,” Al-Tuwaijri added.

He went on to elaborate: “The new bank account from Nomo allows customers to perform their transactions using six different currencies, namely, pound sterling, US dollar, euro, Kuwaiti dinar, Emirati dirham and Saudi riyal, which are all linked to one card, thus offering a comprehensive banking solutions allowing customers to use it instead of carrying several banking cards or cash at hand.”

“Nomo has become a unique brand among Kuwaiti customers, which is a goal we try to achieve upon planning to launch any new product. This account is a means to cater for the needs of customers to support the lifestyle of various segments of customers,” he highlighted.

He pointed out: “In Nomo Bank, we always seek to be closer to our customers by making international investment and real estate banking services easily within their reach, while offering them a world-class banking experience backed by state-of-the-art and innovative technology.”

Sean Gilchrist

On his part, Sean Gilchrist, CEO – Nomo, stated: “With the new bank account from Nomo, we offer our customers a smooth and secure service to make their digital payments using six different currencies across more than 25 countries spanned across Europe and the Middle East, thus helping them save various FX fees and commissions.”

“Nomo customers can now open a multicurrency account within seconds using Nomo App, and immediately benefit from its remittance and fund-transfer services, coupled with the possibility of linking the account with Nomo card and Apple Pay to use it globally without incurring any international fees,” Gilchrist added. He went on to add: “We can see that most Nomo’s products launched recently are bundled as integrated services to serve as a set of innovative banking solutions, while guaranteeing the highest levels of protection and security.” Gilchrist concluded: “The property finance solution which has been recently launched serves as the best example here, and with this new multicurrency account from Nomo, customers and investors will be able to pay/send their due amounts over recurring periods at discounted fees.”

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