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No nurses recruited through third parties since 2018: MoH

KUWAIT: The ministry of health has reaffirmed that it has not engaged with intermediary companies for hiring nursing staff since 2018, in accordance with the regulations in place. In a press statement released on Wednesday, the ministry clarified that applications for nursing positions are processed through memoranda of understanding with government institutions in countries that export nursing professionals.

The ministry also pointed out that many of the widespread advertisements for nursing staff recruitment via intermediaries in certain Asian countries are outdated, with some dating as far back as 2014. The recruitment process for overseas nurses follows a well-structured procedure, including the establishment of memoranda of understanding and advertisements through the relevant government bodies in labor-exporting countries.

The process further involves personal interviews, tests, temporary appointments, job evaluations, and finally, permanent appointments. The ministry of health emphasized that recent announcements regarding nursing staff recruitment abroad have been limited to countries such as Pakistan and Jordan.

Announcements are currently in progress for Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Tunisia in collaboration with the competent government institutions in these respective countries. The ministry stressed the importance of verifying accuracy and credibility before disseminating information to avoid spreading misinformation that could undermine confidence in the national healthcare system.

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