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No labor strike at South Mutlaa housing project

KUWAIT: The accommodations provided for laborers signed in the second contract of the South Mutlaa housing project

KUWAIT: Official spokeswoman of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Aseel Al-Mazyad commented on news regarding a strike of laborers signed in the second contract of the South Mutlaa housing project, who accused their company of failure to pay their salaries for three months. PAM inspectors went to the facility and confirmed that the news were false as workers were assuming their duties at work. The inspectors checked on the workers’ accommodation to make sure that it meets health and safety conditions. The authority urged employers and employees to comply with the labor law to avoid punishments. Meanwhile, Deputy Director General for Implementation Affairs at the Public Authority for Housing Welfare Ali Al-Hubail said the authority is keen on ensuring a smooth process of work in Mutlaa according to schedule. Hubail said that work is ongoing in the second contract in all areas, confirming that there was no strike or stoppage of work.

Education for all
The cassation court ruled that education should be made available for all and the Ministry of Higher Education does not have the right to prevent anyone from continuing his university education. The ruling came in a case challenging a Ministry of Higher Education decision to disallow high school graduates from enrolling in Kuwait University two years or more after obtaining their high school degrees.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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