KUWAIT: Damage left by a fire reported in a Salmiya restaurant yesterday.

KUWAIT: A fire broke out in a Salmiya restaurant yesterday, prompting Salmiya and Bidaa fire stations to respond. The fire started on the second floor of the mall where the restaurant is located, so the entire building was evacuated before firefighters tackled the flames. No injuries were reported, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate's Public Relations and Information Department said in a statement.

Firemen hurt

Meanwhile, two firemen were injured when their fire engine collided with a lamppost in Salmiya en route to a fire. The blaze was reported in a Salmiya apartment, and when firemen arrived, one of the fire trucks had an accident and hit the pole. Both firemen were taken to Mubarak Hospital, while the others put out the blaze.

Children fight

A citizen accused two Egyptian children of beating her two sons in an elementary school and injuring them. The complaint was sent to the juvenile prosecution. The woman told police that the two Egyptians children attacked one of her sons and injured his knee, while her other son was hit on the head and suffered a laceration. The woman took her children to Farwaniya Hospital, then went to Khaitan police station and lodged a complaint.

Drug possession

An Egyptian woman failed in her attempt to escape from police after being caught along with a citizen with Tramadol tablets. Police noticed the two "dancing" in a car, so they pulled the vehicle over. The woman then got out of the car and started running, but was caught and found wanted on several cases. The citizen is an ex-convict wanted on drugs charges and a KD 13,000 debt. Both were sent to the Drugs Control General Department. Separately, a male cross-dresser was arrested with a liquor bottle and psychoactive drugs in Fintas after he was stopped for speeding. He was sent with the illicit material to concerned authorities.

Policemen attacked

Three drug users resisted arrest by police and attacked them in Riggae when they were caught with drugs and a knife, while one of the suspects escaped. Farwaniya police stopped a motorist for a traffic violation, and discovered the driver and his two passengers were in an abnormal condition. The three got out of the car in an attempt to escape, and one of them threw a bag out. When the three were caught, they resisted and one got away. The bag contained drugs and a knife. Police later arrested the third suspect.

Abnormal condition

A police checkpoint in Nugra stopped a car carrying two men and a woman, all in an abnormal condition. The three said they were friends and see each other almost daily. Police found an envelope of shabu and 14 psychoactive pills, as well as drugs paraphernalia in the girl's handbag. All three were sent to the Drug Control General Directorate.

Domestic dispute

A citizen accused her husband of kicking her out of the house and kidnapping her five children. The woman said a dispute took place between the two that escalated to the point where her husband kicked her out, kidnapped their children and took them to a place unknown to her. The prosecutor ordered the case be registered as a felony and asked detectives to work on it.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies