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No injuries among staff in power plant fire

By A Saleh

KUWAIT: No casualties have been reported in a recent fire reported in part of Sulaibiya power plant, Chairman of the Ministry of Electricity and Water’s (MEW) employees syndicate Duaij Khalifa Al-Azmi said yesterday. Azmi added that he called MEW assistant undersecretary for power grids Jassem Al-Nouri to make sure staff members were safe and that there were no casualties. He also urged MEW officials to enhance safety precautions at all MEW facilities.

“Repetition of accidents lately proves that due to their jobs’ nature, MEW employees are subject to danger all the time, which requires providing a safe working environment at all MEW worksites,” Azmi underlined. Notably, MEW announced resuming power supplies to affected areas in Sulaibiya after partial power disconnection in the early hours of yesterday due to the fire at Sulaibiya AW plant. MEW added that the fire was contained and that 177 megawatts of the 210 megawatts of lost power was restored, and that work is in progress to restore full capacity as soon as possible.

In other news, Meteorologist Mohammed Karam forecast today’s weather to be moderate with 10-25 kph northwesterly winds and expected clouds to accumulate tomorrow evening and light to moderate rain by Saturday morning. Karam added that since Tuesday, Kuwait has been affected by the seasonal low African front accompanied by over 50-kph southeasterly winds and thunderstorms all over Kuwait.

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