KUWAIT: Director of Manpower at the Education Ministry Saud Al-Juwaiser said the last batch of work permits for Egyptian and Jordanian teachers who were contracted recently will be received during this week, adding the permits will be sent to embassies, which will contact the teachers. Teachers' arrival will start on August 17, he said, adding that bookings are already made. As for the Palestinian teachers, Juwaiser said that their procedures are different, adding that the diplomatic core at the Interior Ministry are working on their issue to allow entry for 59 teachers, as 20 teachers chose not to work for the education ministry.


The Health Ministry is coordinating with other state departments including Kuwait Municipality and the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) to allocate lands for an old project to build a modern center for physiotherapy in each health zone. The centers will be built at state-of-the-art standards in order to expand physiotherapy services in all areas.

Smuggling probe

Kuwait General Administration of Customs commented on a recent newspaper report claiming that a number of containers were smuggled out of Shuwaikh Port shortly after arrival there. The administration said that the containers contained ceramics sent in one shipment on three separate containers. It said north port officers are the ones who discovered forgery in documents that were made to avoid custom duty and shipment fees. The containers were fully inspected according to known customs procedures. As for the reason why the forgery was made to avoid fees, the administration asked the public prosecution to investigate the case, and the case is still at the prosecution. The statement said an administrative investigation is being conducted and results will be published as soon as they are ready.

By A Saleh