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New season announced for Red Bull MEO tournament

KUWAIT: Red Bull MEO has been announced for Kuwait and 29 other countries around the world and is set to begin its preliminary Kuwait qualifiers phase this August. This will mark the fourth tournament season of the globally successful mobile gaming phenomenon. The competition draws players of all levels who enjoy online gaming and combines it with the ubiquitous mobile phone. Aligned, they make the barrier to entry far more accessible to a much larger group than video game consoles, or PCs.

The Kuwait Red Bull MEO first phase national dates have been set as well. The Kuwait Qualifier round begins August 24 – 25 and will continue and conclude the round from August 30 – 31, 2021. The Kuwait final will be held on September 8, 2021. This will end the local portion of the tournament, and lead into the international leg. The winners of the Kuwait first phase will automatically qualify for the international online qualifiers. This will see the top players from Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East in a division tournament that will converge in a world grand final event.

The regional online qualifiers will run from August until November of this year. Red Bull MEO is free and open to players over the age of 16 residing in participating countries worldwide. The main draw of the tournament is that it is a fully inclusive worldwide gaming event that sees professional and amateur gamers compete for a title. A download of the tournament game will be needed for all participants, updated to the latest version.

Among the blockbuster hits will be two major games that will be available to compete in. The first is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in its mobile iteration (PUBG Mobile), and League of Legends: Wild Rift (LoL: Wild Rift). The Red Bull MEO game may differ based on game popularity by region, and Kuwait will see PUBG Mobile as the main focus of its competitive landscape in the tournament. PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer battle royale game, while LoL: Wild Rift is a multiplayer battle arena mobile game.

Last season, which concluded earlier this year, over 60,000 players participated in the tournament. This year, those numbers are expected to soar even higher. The third season of Red Bull M.E.O. East World Finals saw Kuwait locals, Team KOUT, win in their division. The West World Finals title was won by Turkish team Blaze Esports.

This event in Kuwait is held in partnership with The Athlete’s Foot, X-cite by Alghanim Electronics, Talabat Kuwait, and Kuwait Times. For those who wish to participate, they may go directly to redbull.com/meokuwait. To find out more about Red Bull MEO, follow @RedBullKuwait on Instagram and Twitter, and @RedBull on Facebook.


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