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New rules ban employees from discussing oil sector topics

KUWAIT: At a time when the new administrative rules of Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC) and its companies were approved during the latest meeting of the Higher Petroleum Council, it seems the rules that were omitted from the list before its final approval is an administrative “catch” that would cause uproar in the entire oil sector, especially since the new list had rules and amendments that ban employees from discussing anything about the oil sector during their work or after retirement.

As a reminder, a meeting was held by the HPC on Jan 10, and 14 important items were approved after several months of postponements. Oil sources said the subcommittees of HPC prepared the financial rules before presenting them to HPC for approval.

Many strict rules were removed such as banning all employees from discussing oil sector matters on social media, whether by current employees or those who retire.

The sources said KPC rules (before amendment) included an item on rewards and incentives, as it stipulates that the authority of HPC be withdrawn in approving lists of financial rewards and incentives, increase in workers’ salaries in the oil sector, and this contradicts the decree of establishing HPC as it is the authority concerned with this matter alone. — Al-Anbaa

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