Sana Kalim
Children born in the early 2000s are teenagers now. The Gen 'Z', 'Home Generation', Post-Millennials or whatever strange label they wear, are trying to find themselves in this morphing world we live in. They are looked upon as being more open minded - accepting other cultures a lot more readily (thanks to the Internet).

These children are building upon the foundation of the previous generations, eyeing the world through a very unique perspective - they understand that the only way the world can become better is when we realize that we all want to live by each other's happiness - not by each other's misery. Moreover, learning from the previous generation with their 'can do' attitude, they are the people that will take the first steps down a new road, armed with controversial thinking and beaming intelligence. If you are ever against this force which typhoons are named after, just stop and think - who has really raised them?

This generation will suffer, just like the ones before them. With the rise of IS, global tensions and global warming, a united generation is needed. We have to prepare them for problems never thought of before, for fights on a scale never done before. This is Generation Z.

Probably one of the greatest struggles for Generation Z would stem from identity. Being scolded day after day into old-age thinking of being segregated from one another: 'We are not like them', which ultimately stems from colonialist attitudes and old-age struggles. Generation Z must learn to fight onwards, away from this tragedy, despite the eventual hardships it may bring.

Global warming is a topic they have grown up with. They know the importance of acting upon this change, and they will. This generation has been predicted to house the highest number of volunteer workers and entrepreneurs of any generation. As to the numerous conflicts worldwide, only time will tell us of the consequences.

To conclude, hard times are approaching, and we are within them already - some were born into conflict. So remember, your worth as a person is determined by how you cope during times of conflict, not by how you act in times of peace. To all the students taking their external exams, I wish you all the best!

By Sana Kalim