Nepali female detainee falls dead at police station

KUWAIT: A 37-year-old absconding Nepalese female, who had been arrested and detained a week earlier at Salmiya police station, collapsed in detention and was rushed to Mubarak Hospital where she was proclaimed dead. Forensic medicine investigations are in progress to determine the cause of death.

Employee sued
A female citizen working as a manager in a state department’s office filed a complaint against one of the employees working for her, accusing him of insulting and threatening her because she refused to transfer him to another department.

Search for arsonist
Investigations determined that an arsonist set fire in two vehicles parked outside a house in Salwa, in a case reported earlier this week. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress to identify the suspect.

Escapee found
Detectives managed to arrest a drug addict who had escaped from a hospital after he was located in Ardhiya. The man was hospitalized after he reportedly swallowed a piece of hashish on arrest. He later managed to escape from the hospital after receiving treatment.

Brewery busted
Capital detectives arrested five Asian nationals for making homebrewed liquor in a rented house in Yarmouk. The house was busted and the tools used for brewing alcohol were confiscated.

Property damage
A female citizen filed a complaint at Mubarak Al-Kabeer police station accusing two of her  friends of damaging her vehicle over old disputes. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Drug possession
An Egyptian man was arrested at Cairo International Airport while checking in to fly to Kuwait with the possession of 1,108 illicit pills. Another Egyptian man returning from Kuwait was arrested at Cairo International Airport as he was wanted for a life in prison sentence. – Al-Rai

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