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Nearly 500 people a year die in Kuwait traffic accidents – Smart phone use a main cause of accidents

Brigadier Hamad Al-Enezi
Brigadier Hamad Al-Enezi

KUWAIT: A total of 2,437 people died in traffic accidents in five years, ending 26th April 2016, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has announced. In a statistical report, the MoI stated yesterday that the number of road deaths have dropped from 493 in 2011 and 461 in 2014 to 429 in 2015. The data also showed that the number of traffic fatalities reached 454 in 2012 compared with 445 in 2013.

Some 155 people died in road accidents in the first four months of the year, exactly till April 26th, 2016, noted the report. It stated that the highest number of fatalities recorded this year in Al-Ahmadi Governorate, 53 cases; followed by Jahra 52 cases; Hawally 20 cases; Farwaniya 13 cases; the Capital 12 cases and Mubarak Al-Kaber only five cases.

In 2015, Al-Ahmadi Governorate also topped the list with 167 deaths, followed by Jahra with 122 cases; Al-Farwaniyah with 54 cases; Hawally 31 cases; Mubarak Al-Kabir with 28 cases; and the Capital 27.

About the age group of the victims, the report revealed that that youth, aged between 21-30 years, recorded the highest percentage of deaths in 2015 nearly 119 cases out of 429.Moreover, 90 victims belong to the age group of 31-40 years, 73 to the 41-50 age group; 40 to the 51-60 years age group; 25 cases to the plus-61 age group. 19 cases aged between 11-10 and 60 cases for 11-20 age group in addition to 3 unknown cases, clarified the report.

Data also showed that 80,827 accidents were registered in 2015. The cause of 95 percent of these accidents was lack of due attention while driving, stated the report. Surprisingly, exceeding speed limits was blamed for a small fraction of the deaths in 2015, only 0.46 percent.

The report added that 6,338,066 traffic violations were registered in 2015, including 3,523,241 over-speed violations; 1.1 million parking violations; 533,931 driving licenses-related violations; 363,584 red light jumping and 205,872 safety measures violations.

Acting Director of the Criminal Affairs Department at the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Hamad Al-Enezi said that the main cause of the accidents was the use of smart phones and other electronic devices during driving. Enezi urged drivers to concentrate while driving and to abide by traffic laws and regulations for their safety. – KUNA

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