NBK ‘the Best Bank for Corporate Responsibility In Middle East’

KUWAIT: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) was named “Best Bank for Corporate Responsibility in the Middle East” by Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2023. This award was in recognition of NBK’s exceptional contributions to community service, advancement of financial literacy, and dedication to empowering youth and women. NBK’s recognition resulted from meeting several criteria, encompassing its dedication to serving the community, advancement of financial education, and empowerment initiatives for youth and women.

The evaluation also considered NBK’s strategic programs, influential partnerships, and contributions to education, culture, women’s empowerment, and society’s overall well-being. Furthermore, NBK’s emphasis on fostering an inclusive work environment, nurturing employee growth and development, and incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices as a fundamental component of its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) framework were considered. Manal Al Mattar – Head of Corporate Communications at National Bank of Kuwait received the award on behalf of NBK at a special ceremony recently held in Dubai.

NBK was nominated in recognition of its proactive measures to incorporate and align sustainability standards and implement impactful initiatives in environmental, social, cultural, and health development. This recognition serves as a further affirmation of the substantial progress made by the bank in achieving its CSR goals. Through successfully implementing a range of targeted programs, NBK has solidified its standing as a leading financial institution and a key driver of sustainable social and economic advancement. NBK’s dedication to empowering youth and women is at the core of its CSR initiatives.

This commitment is demonstrated through various means, including mentorship programs, educational opportunities, facilitating access to financial resources, and actively contributing to fostering a more inclusive society. In addition, NBK has introduced several significant initiatives in recent years, such as NBK RISE, the “TAMAKAN” program, and most recently, the “She’s Next” program in collaboration with Visa, the first program of its kind in Kuwait. Furthermore, through various initiatives, NBK has implemented considerable measures to foster financial literacy for youth.

One of the bank’s most recent initiative, Bankee, underscores NBK’s firm conviction that equipping youth with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage their finances effectively contributes to sustainable economic growth and prosperity for the entire community. NBK remains dedicated to supporting initiatives that address pressing social issues, including education, healthcare, and environmental conservation, to promote societal well-being and foster sustainable development. Moreover, the bank is committed to upholding its longstanding mission of giving back to the community.

NBK’s legacy spans over seven decades and actively contributes to creating a better future and its enduring commitment to social responsibility, sustainable development, and positive transformation serves as a catalyst for building a brighter future. 2022 was a milestone for CSR excellence, as NBK’s initiatives gained momentum, expanding the number of activities, their nature, and the sectors they cover. This was further reinforced by increasing the value of NBK’s investments, initiatives, and charitable donations during the year, which stood at KD 23 million, up by more than 45% year-on-year.

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