NBK Organizes innovation, digital trends masterclass

KUWAIT: Reflecting its belief in the importance of increasing the efficiency of its employees, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) organized a masterclass titled “Innovation and Digital Trends” which was delivered by Alberto Levy, the Professor at IE’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center. The masterclass that was attended by managers from various groups and divisions across the bank explored the latest digital trends and how they are driving innovation in various industries.

It also discussed some special concepts about providing innovation environment and the key factors that help in creating an ideal environment for innovation, generating new and unconventional ideas and solutions, and ways to promote innovation culture within the same work team. The lecturer provided an overview of the latest digital trends that are shaping the business landscape including digital transformation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, which is based on predicting customers’ behavior and interests. He also explained how these technologies are disrupting industries and creating new opportunities for innovation.

The class included a workshop in which participants worked in groups to explore how digital trends are being applied to drive innovation, and how to leverage emerging technologies to transform business models, enhance customer experiences and improve operational efficiency. It also examined the challenges and risks associated with implementing digital technologies in the banking industry. Throughout the class, the participants engaged in interactive discussions and activities to encourage participation and collaboration, which helped them gain a deeper understanding of the latest digital trends and how they can be leveraged to drive innovation.

Alberto Levy is considered an “Innovation Evangelist”. He holds a master’s degree from New York University in interactive telecommunications and is an international lecturer and professor at IE’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center. Commenting on this, Emad Al-Ablani, GM – Group Human Resources at National Bank of Kuwait, said: “We are pleased to organize this intensive training program, which includes eight masterclasses which extend until the beginning of next year, and focus on many key topics that are instrumental in the future of the banking industry.”

“NBK regards investing in its employees as a key strategic pillar to achieve sustainable growth and maintain its excellence and leading position in the banking sector. Therefore, it strives to keep pace with the latest developments in the training and development area, to deliver on its commitment to empower and qualify its employees through specialized programs,” he emphasized. Ablani mentioned that all the programs and courses delivered to employees are designed within an integrated training plan developed according to methodological and scientific standards to meet the needs of all relevant departments, in cooperation with the best banking experts and globally reputable training agencies.

“NBK is always introducing new training opportunities that promote an open work culture, enabling leaders to create a work environment driving employees’ creativity and innovation,” he remarked. NBK focuses on developing its employees as a top priority, harnessing all its capabilities to contribute to their career progression by providing training and development programs. In addition, it makes its utmost endeavors to support employees in building their careers within the bank, believing that its successful and sustainable transformation depends on diverse and high-caliber talent.

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