NBK Capital participates in Arab Net Kuwait conference

NBK Capital SmartWealth is eager to continue the financial innovation: Razooqi

Abdullah Razooqi

KUWAIT: NBK Capital, the region’s leading investment company, participated in the third edition of Arab Net Kuwait, which was held from 7 to 9 October under the patronage of Minister of Trade and Industry Khalid Al-Roudan. Leaders of government, digital workers and entrepreneurs in the region.

The participation of NBK Capital came out of its eagerness to play an active role at conferences and forums that support and enhance the investment sector, improve business environment while exchange experiences that will elevate industry client servicing.

During NBK Capital’s participation in the seminar entitled “Artificial Intelligence and Robo Advisors in Financial Services” Abdullah Razooqi, a member of the SmartWealth team, stated that NBK Capital ” Is always keen to adopt the latest technological developments in financial services, particularly within investments and financial advice. Our ability to adhere to high security standards and regulatory controls, both hurdles to any technology platform, enable us to maintain the lead in financial innovation. That said, digital solutions will not displace the role that human advisors have today, but rather complement them and enable a wider market reach and more robust client offering.”

Razooqi highlighted the success of NBK Capital in launching NBK Capital SmartWealth, a digital investment service that enabled all segments of society to access and invest in foreign markets as a means to achieve their various investment goals and savings needs in a manner that was unavailable previously.

Razooqi affirmed that the service launched by NBK Capital has introduced innovative solutions towards investment savings for clients to achieve their various goals of: buying a house, saving for an education fund and post-retirement planning, amongst others. This advice is delivered instantly and digitally to investors.

The launch of NBK Capital SmartWealth is a testament of NBK Capital’s interest in innovative technology solutions with a credible action plan to deploy them. NBK Capital is amongst the pioneer financial institutions regionally that are focusing on enhancing client servicing through technology.

“We are now living in a digital age where clients are fulfilling the majority of their daily requirements digitally; and there is a strong demand for investment services to converge into that direction. We will continue to leverage our areas of expertise while enhancing the client journey and delivery through innovative technological solutions,” he added.
Razooqi continued by stressing that NBK Capital will continue to enhance its digital services by developing value-added solutions across the wider spectrum. He concluded that, in order to keep pace with the latest developments in the industry, NBK Capital will continue to innovate from within.

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