By B Izzak

KUWAIT: The National Assembly's educational committee said yesterday that all schools should be reopened at the start of the next school year in September, adding that kindergartens should reopen on August 15. The Cabinet decided Wednesday night that all public servants will return to their offices starting August 15 and working hours have been adjusted back to normal after a sharp decline in the number of coronavirus cases.

Head of the Educational Committee MP Hamad Al-Matar said that kindergartens should be reopened on the same date from their reopening schedule on September 1 to allow working parents to send their children to kindergartens. Matar said the committee fully backs the education ministry's decision to reopen schools next month, adding that "it is more dangerous for students to stay at home than being at risk of getting infected with the coronavirus."

The lawmaker also called on the government to completely abolish the Kuwait Mosafer platform where arriving passengers must register to be able to enter the country. He said the platform has been a cause of trouble for travelers. MP Abdullah Al-Mudhaf meanwhile said he has submitted a proposal calling on the government to abolish Kuwait Mosafer platform and Shlonik application, saying authorities should ask for the PCR test only.

The government's decision to ask civil servants to go back to their offices came after the health ministry said the coronavirus situation has improved substantially during the current week as new cases dropped by 28 percent. There has also been a significant decline in the number of patients in hospitals and at intensive care units.

The Cabinet also decided that pregnant Kuwaiti women are no longer exempted from the vaccination if they want to travel. The only two categories exempted are young children below the age of 12 and those who obtain a certificate from the health ministry exempting them from vaccination. Kuwaiti citizens who have not been fully vaccinated are banned from leaving the country.