KUWAIT: Responding to news reports speculating that exceptional pensions were paid to some MPs, the National Assembly's Secretary General Allam Al-Kandari stressed that this procedure is not new, and that it was not the first time that the government agreed to pay an exceptional pension to some lawmakers as per article 80 of the social security law. Kandari added that ever since the 1992 parliament, this pension has usually been paid at the beginning of each term to MPs who were not paid any pensions before they were elected, or to those who used to get paid less compared to their colleagues.

KFA elections

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Yousif Al-Sabah, Al-Samiya Sports Club's representative in Kuwait Football Association's (KFA) presidency elections, is getting closer to winning the post by acclamation as no opponents registered to run the elections until yesterday morning. Candidate Fawaz Al-Hasawi reportedly withdrew from the elections, which are set for October 31, without providing a clear reason for his sudden decision. Hasawi had made a decision to run for the elections, but Al-Qadsiya Club officials rejected his candidacy, before he finally decided to withdraw, wishing Al-Yousif good luck.

By A Saleh