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NA candidates – a mix of old and new blood – Three candidates drop out of electoral race

Photo shows Kuwaiti National Assembly
Photo shows Kuwaiti National Assembly

KUWAIT: The 2016 National Assembly election, which will be held on November 26, will see a furious competition among experienced and new-comer contenders. This unique mixture of candidates with expertise and others with new schools of thought is expected to draw many voters to the polling stations to choose who will be the best among those to serve the best interest of the people in the next phase. Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) took to the street to see how the public is feeling towards voting for a new-comer candidate or a more experienced one.

Talal Al-Fadhli, 38 years old, said that voters will have a difficult choice to decide who to vote for in November 26; their choice will heavily rely on who will represent them best in the parliament. Voters seek to have a powerful parliament that would accelerate the process of development in the country, especially since the region is being affected by so many security and economic challenges. He pointed out that he leans toward picking new blood candidates to give them a chance to prove themselves and allow the people’s demands to be heard. He encourages voters to choose a contender away from any sectarian or tribal prejudice.

Abrar Al-Dawsari, 21, rooted for experienced candidates for they have political and economic prowess. Her choice rests on the fact that the country is coming into a new era full of challenges and a change is required to face these tests. She added that the next parliament should be influential and the MPs should be there to serve the people and should occupy this important post only to serve their personal agendas. Ali Al-Mutairi, 30, said that voting is a patriotic duty that should be exercised by everyone who seeks to improve the country’s services at all levels.

He added that his vote will be given to the candidate whom he sees will be able to defend the people and speak out for them. Others who spoke to KUNA expressed similar sentiments towards the upcoming elections. They all emphasized the importance to raising awareness to the public to exercise their political right and choosing wisely. A total of 391 candidates so far officially registered for the 2016 parliamentary election. According to the Ministry of Interior, candidates who wish to withdraw from the race can submit a request to the Elections’ Affairs Department up until seven days before elections day, or November 19. by meeting the aspirations of the public.

Meanwhile, three parliamentary hopefuls quit the electoral race yesterday, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced, leaving a total of 388 candidates contesting parliamentary elections on November 26th. In a statement, the MoI’s Department of Election Affairs noted that Adel Al-Kharafi has relinquished his candidacy in the Second Constituency, while Khaled Al-Azmi and Abdulmohsen Al-Mqataa, two candidates from the Fifth Constituency, have quit the race. As per election laws, candidates are permitted to drop out of the electoral race no later than a week before the date of elections. The 2016 parliamentary elections are held according to decree 20/2012, amended by law 42/2006 on re-organizing the electoral constituencies. – Agencies

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